[asa] How fast do fossils form?

From: Carol or John Burgeson <burgytwo@juno.com>
Date: Wed Sep 20 2006 - 15:58:18 EDT

From the www.csma.org (Creation Science for Mid-America) website, this
gem today:

How Fast Do Fossils Form?

There are a number of incidents in recent history that demonstrate that
fossilization does not and cannot require a long time, but that speed of
fossil formation is dependent on conditions, especially mineral content
of the fluids around the specimen. Most of us have seen or read of at
least one or more very rapid fossilization events: miner's hats, bat in a
cave, coke bottle, etc. But a recent issue of the Lancet Medical Journal
had a striking report: a 92 year old woman whose autopsy revealed a dead
child in her uterus, which had reached 31 weeks of age, and had become
calcified -- turned to stone by means of calcification. The Lancet
article noted that a fossilized stone baby had been found in a 3000 year
old grave in the United States. "But the doctors said this was the first
case of a woman carrying a calcified fetus for such a long time."

Source: Hawkes Bay Herald Tribune (Australia), 3/17/95 as reported in
Creation Research, Vol 9. No. 2.

To Tom Willis, president of this disreputable organization as well as an
ex-colleague of mine at IBM, this is, of course, "proof" of something or



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