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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Tue Sep 19 2006 - 16:25:10 EDT

Spot on, Merv!

It is also essential that we take note of those in other disciplines or even
specialities, rather than assume that because we are scientists we are

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> But doesn't the (as yet unchallenged) assessment that an overwhelming
> majority
> of current leading scientists "reject a transcendent God" put the YEC
> reactions
> into a much more sympathetic light? If so many feel as Silver does that
> scientific knowledge displaces spirituality, then the YEC fires are
> getting all
> the fuel! It doesn't make YEC positions any less incorrect, but surely
> one can
> have more understanding an sympathy for their warfare reaction if so many
> leading scientists are still publically (or quietly) promoting that model
> themselves. Those who identify with the science community and also
> despise all
> things YEC perhaps ought to look at cleaning their own house. I don't
> think too
> many YECers can be reached if Silver's assessment is at all accurate.
> Thanks for your reminder, Jack, to be more charitable with those of
> different
> convictions. I still feel pangs of conscience after rattling off
> criticisms
> (even well-founded ones -- if indeed they are). If I imposed a 24 hour
> waiting
> period on my own posts, most of them would probably never see the light of
> cyberspace -- or would be kinder and gentler when they finally did.
> --merv
> Jack Haas writes ...
>> One of the major changes in ASA (and Science and Religion in particular)
>> is that most scientists have been forced out of the
>> discussion over the years as philosophers, theologians, sociologists and
>> historians have taken over - the ones with degrees in
>> a science and one of the humanities - who no longer do science. This
>> has been good because the topic covers all of
>> culture. Yet, we may be turning off science people because they may
>> not understand the vocabulary or are not really
>> interested in what they see being discussed in the /PSCF/. Perhaps this
>> is a reason that the ASA has seen a declining membership.
>> Anyway, let's be a bit more generous with one-another.
>> Jack Haas
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