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Date: Tue Sep 19 2006 - 13:10:33 EDT

But doesn't the (as yet unchallenged) assessment that an overwhelming majority
of current leading scientists "reject a transcendent God" put the YEC reactions
into a much more sympathetic light? If so many feel as Silver does that
scientific knowledge displaces spirituality, then the YEC fires are getting all
the fuel! It doesn't make YEC positions any less incorrect, but surely one can
have more understanding an sympathy for their warfare reaction if so many
leading scientists are still publically (or quietly) promoting that model
themselves. Those who identify with the science community and also despise all
things YEC perhaps ought to look at cleaning their own house. I don't think too
many YECers can be reached if Silver's assessment is at all accurate.

Thanks for your reminder, Jack, to be more charitable with those of different
convictions. I still feel pangs of conscience after rattling off criticisms
(even well-founded ones -- if indeed they are). If I imposed a 24 hour waiting
period on my own posts, most of them would probably never see the light of
cyberspace -- or would be kinder and gentler when they finally did.


Jack Haas writes ...
> One of the major changes in ASA (and Science and Religion in particular)
> is that most scientists have been forced out of the
> discussion over the years as philosophers, theologians, sociologists and
> historians have taken over - the ones with degrees in
> a science and one of the humanities - who no longer do science. This
> has been good because the topic covers all of
> culture. Yet, we may be turning off science people because they may
> not understand the vocabulary or are not really
> interested in what they see being discussed in the /PSCF/. Perhaps this
> is a reason that the ASA has seen a declining membership.
> Anyway, let's be a bit more generous with one-another.
> Jack Haas

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