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From: Jack Haas <>
Date: Tue Sep 19 2006 - 10:42:02 EDT

OK-- I share Ted's response that Silver was a bit off the mark by
current standards.

But I do not share his broader view about "informed historians."
Historians of science have changed their notions about
Newton and a host of other things over the years, otherwise why do they
write the expensive books that they want us to buy. All
of us who are/were paid to do science to feed our children clearly are
pretty much out to lunch much beyond our scientific
specialty. Should we fear to speak on broader topics because of truth
squads out there who know better.

I must admit being critical of Fritz Schaefer for his loose use of
theology. Francis Collins is receiving the same kind of criticism
from left and right. In the end, I'd say - full speed ahead guys and
gals-and if we see that they are getting into deep water, quietly
discuss the matter with them at a teachable moment. Some, like P.J., are

One of the major changes in ASA (and Science and Religion in particular)
is that most scientists have been forced out of the
discussion over the years as philosophers, theologians, sociologists and
historians have taken over - the ones with degrees in
a science and one of the humanities - who no longer do science. This
has been good because the topic covers all of
culture. Yet, we may be turning off science people because they may
not understand the vocabulary or are not really
interested in what they see being discussed in the /PSCF/. Perhaps this
is a reason that the ASA has seen a declining membership.

Anyway, let's be a bit more generous with one-another.
Jack Haas

Ted Davis wrote:
>>>> Merv <> 09/19/06 12:01 AM >>>
> Oh -- and I omitted the title of the cited study done by Larson and
> Witham: "Leading Scientists Still Reject God"
> Ted responds:
> Oh, and Silver omitted to tell us--undoubtedly b/c he knows nothing about
> his subject--that Newton was the very last example any informed historian
> would pick, when it comes to "compartmentalizing" his science and his faith.
> Precisely the opposite was the case.
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