Re: [asa] Number of biologists who are TE

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Mon Sep 18 2006 - 18:00:29 EDT

> > I getting the general impression especially from ASA meetings
> > (which
> > may not be a representative sample) that it is probably fair enough
> > to
> > say that most college biology teachers are TE. Is that right? I
> > suspect
> > next might be ID and least YEC. Have there been good studies of
> > this?
> > I did a quick web search and a study by covenant college
> > would seem to
> > indicate that maybe my assumption is not right at least with
> > Coalition
> > colleges.

The discussion associated with the Paleontological Society short course on
evolution/creation issues at the Geological Society of America meeting about
7 years ago suggested that a large proportion of those present would fall
broadly under the TE category, though I would not have much confidence about
the theological orthodoxy of most or how strongly theistic. This would be a
sample from primarily secular colleges.

> I took a look at the first paragraphs of the paper and decided that it
> was so biased that it could not give adequate information. Arguing that TE
> is deistic, that theism would better battle evolution, promises no good.
> What I have observed is that YEC and ID have a more deistic view of nature.
> Dave

It gets better as you go on; the paper seems to accept an emphatically
_theistic_ evolution position as legitimate for Christians.

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