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From: David Opderbeck <>
Date: Wed Sep 13 2006 - 18:22:02 EDT

This is excellent, Ted. I'd love to see a book from you with this sort of
history from IVP or Baker Academic. This kind of history is important to
show that non-YEC positions among evangelicals are not novel.

Here's the sentence I kind of take issue with -- the concluding sentence:
"To a significant degree, one's view of evolution determines which model one
endorses." This seems a bit chicken-and-eggy to me. I would say that one's
view of *scripture* to a significant degree determines one's view of
evolution as well as the model one endorses.

The present controversies seem to me to be the fallout of evangelical
reaction to higher criticism in the nineteenth century, early battles
between the fundamentalists and neo-evangelicals, and the later "battle for
the Bible" within evangelicalism. The evangelical center of gravity has
become a tight understanding of inerrancy that makes YEC easy, concordism
difficult, and TE almost impossible. This tight understanding of inerrancy,
at the end of the day, is how we evangelicals distinguish ourselves from
other traditions, many of which are still regarded as apostate, though we
wouldn't use that harsh word anymore.

On 9/13/06, Ted Davis <> wrote:
> Would anyone like to discuss the concordism essay that I sent several
> participants in recent days?
> If so, who has the first comment or question?
> ted
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