Re: [asa] preterism and YEC

From: Bill Hamilton <>
Date: Wed Sep 13 2006 - 14:31:35 EDT

--- Charles Carrigan <> wrote:

> While I would be very surprised if most YECs are preterists, I would
> not =
> at all be surprised to find out that most preterists are YECs.
> Preterism =
> is quite rare among American evangelicals, while than YECism is fairly =
> mainstream. I would bet most YECs are like many American evangelicals =
> with regards to 2nd coming issues, believing in something similar to
> the =
> "Left Behind" series. =20
> =20
> In my opinion, both preterism and YECism result from a similar cause - =
> that is, reading the scriptural texts in an overly literal fashion
> with =
> little regard for important literary issues.

My experience is with Calvinists more than preterists. But since preterism is
a subgroup within Calvinism, perhaps my insights are useful. While
Dispensationalists and preterists may both be guilty of taking the Scriptures
overly literally, they read different parts literally. Dispensationalists read
selected parts of Revelation and Daniel literally, while preterists read
Matthew 24 and Rev 1 literally. I contend you can't read both literally.
Calvinists -- and possibly preterists -- have impressed me as being much more
aware of literaly nuances than Dispensationalists. John Gerstner, for one
example, points out in his book "Wrongly ddividing the word of truth" that
Dispensationalists read Isaiah 11:6-9 literally, while he, a Calvinist,
interprets wolk, lion, bear, etc. to ssignify different kinds of people.
Whether y0ou agree or not, that certainly is not a literal reading.

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