Re: [asa] How paleontology works

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Mon Sep 11 2006 - 12:56:15 EDT

     Needless to say I'll be writing back saying it's obvious all YEC's are lying toads and how can he as an intelligent human being believe all this crap? Not. I'm still searching for a way of putting it more diplomatically than that, and wishing that the ASA list could be usable to help in the dialogue directly.



    this brings out one of the main problems of discussing with YECs. SAdly all YEC material tends to misquote etc etc etc and it is difficult to expalin this without charging YECs of being lying toads. To take Iain's favorite - Andy McIntosh - his comments on geology are simply woeful and unfogiveable for a D Sc (Doctor of Science for which you need an impressive list of publications). Now clearly a non-geologist is not an expert on geology, but most non-geologists on this list are fair and accurate and only very occassionally need the odd tut!! If you are a graduate scientist you should be able gain a reasonable understnading of other sciences, as most here do - and also be aware of one's limitations.

    And then there is the problem that few can concieve of devout fellow beleivers actually being lying toads. Of course here most YECs have not looked into the subjects themselves and take YEC arguments on trust as they presume (not unreasonably) that such stalwart Christians are honest and trustworthy.

    So I have said nothing of use and your friend will have to decide whether you or YECs are the lying toad.

    Satan has done a good job!!


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