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ICR "Acts & Facts" - September 2006
PRESIDENT'S COLUMN: Has Noah's Ark Been Found in Iran?

John Morris writes: "The Bible specifies that Noah's Ark came to rest
on "the mountains of Ararat" and that as the waters continued to
drain, other mountain tops could be seen. No particular mountain is
indicated, for "Ararat" (or Urartu) was the name of an ancient
country." To his credit, John analyzes the claims of Bob Cornuke, who
has recently claimed to have found evidences of the Ark, and finds
them wanting. John observes that scripture makes no mention of the
Ark having been preserved after the Flood, nor any prophecy that any
remains would ever be found. Read it at: www.icr.org/article/2908/
IMPACT No. 399 - Dinosaurs vs. Birds: The Fossils Don't Lie

Tim Clarey writes: "The term "Dinosauria" was first used in 1841 by
Sir Richard Owen in an
address to the British Association for the Advancement of Science,
subsequently publishing the term in 1842." He goes on to argue the
fossil record does
not support the dinosaur to bird idea, claiming that paleontologists
have tried to get around the problems by inventing "cladistics." He
also claims that Job 40:15-18 describes a huge sauropod animal; thus
humans and dinosaurs must have co-existed. His article (three pages)
is at
BACK TO GENESIS: BTG 213(a) - What Other Doctrines Do You Ignore?

John Morris writes: "Recently I was talking with an evangelical
pastor about his view on
creation. Please understand. Creation is not the only Biblical
teaching I
care about. There's more to Christianity than creation. But often it
signifies one's attitude toward the Bible in general." John continues
to argue that the YEC view is foundational to Christianity. John also
writes, "The thought that creation is not in favor among many
scientists should not concern us, for the opinions of some scientists
have often been at odds with true science ... ." Wow! He also
writes, "Science has shown that the virgin birth is impossible, as is
the resurrection." So much for science! His short piece of illogic is
at www.icr.org/article/2904/
BACK TO GENESIS: BTG 213(b) - Hummingbirds at ICR

Frank Sherwin writes: "The staff at ICR trusts you enjoy the
hummingbird picture taken outside a
window of our main building. It was noticed months ago that an adult
was weaving a nest on a palm frond." Frank goes on with the same
tired design argument for the YEC worldview at
BACK TO GENESIS: BTG 213(c) - Out of Ararat?

Bill Hoesch writes: "Paleoanthropologists are not usually known for
shying away from discord,
debate, or disagreement. Yet for several decades there has been
near-unanimity on two fronts: (1) the so-called fact of evolution,
and more
specifically that, (2) an African ape, sometime in the last few
years, gave rise to the first African human." His argument is "give
up the search; Genesis has it right." Read it at:
BACK TO GENESIS: BTG 213(d) - SETI: Design in Spite of Itself

David Coppedge writes: "Researchers involved in the Search for
Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
use scientific equipment, collaborate with scientists, attend
conferences, publish scientific articles, and generally look and
smell like
scientists, lab coats and all. Most have degrees in science." His
article takes on the claims of Seth Shostak, SETI Director. An
interesting article. Read it at: www.icr.org/article/2907/
This issue also contains another tribute to Henry Morris, "Man of the
Century," and ads for the upcoming RATE "conference" in Dallas,
September 30. Texans are a naive bunch when it comes to YEC thinking;
the Dallas event will be a big one.


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