Re: [asa] What causes students to move from faith?

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Fri Sep 08 2006 - 16:23:35 EDT

> >claimed ... that he has brought people to Christ (or seen brought) based
> on YEC apologetics.

I have heard a couple of credible testimonies of men converted to
Christianity from other religions who cited their initial motive for
attending a Christian fellowship as because that's where the pretty girls
were. A closer parallel would be people I know who were initally converted
by a book or speaker with some significant theological problems. The fact
that God is able to use all sorts of things in the process of bringing
someone to Him does not show that these things are necessarily good or to be
focused on.

The ICR can also be quoted as providing a false gospel that includes YEC
rather than salvation by faith in Christ alone. Some of their seminars
teach how the doctrine of creation is "essential for evangelism."

Another version from AIG is identification of evolution as "the" enemy.
Even if it were an enemy, our sinfulness is the prime target of Jesus'
work. If evolution were _the_ enemy, then Wells is right to claim that
Jesus missed his goal of salvation.

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