Re: [asa] Vatican Policy: Not Evolving

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Fri Sep 08 2006 - 12:24:12 EDT

>>> <> 09/08/06 12:14 PM >>>writes:

 I find it hard to believe that a Catholic continental intellectual such as
Benedict would have any problem with biological evolution (descent with
modification). Evolutionism as a naturalistic philosophy - yes; but not
evolution as biology. Catholicism hasn't had a problem with evolution for
many decades, especially in Europe. And seeing some of Schoenborn's
follow-up comments to his original essay, it seems unlikely that he meant
what Americans (an especially IDers) took him to mean. The Pope is way too
philosophically and theologically sophisticated to be taken in by ID.
Ted comments:
It's very likely that the Cardinal's statement was drafted by Mark Ryland
(as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago). Mark used to be associated with the
DC office of TDI, and Mark to the best of my knowledge opposes Darwinian
evolution. We will probably never know the full story here, but I think it
is a reasonable inference (and there may be other reasonable inferences that
differ from mine) that the Cardinal for one reason or another decided to
distance himself from the ID overtones of his comments--overtones that were
really intended to come through in his statement, at least by the likely
author of the statement.


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