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No surprise here. It is a measure of how jumpy a lot of us in the USA are over ID and evolution that this meeting has generated so much attention. It was a gathering of a theology professor and his students, not an episcopal conclave meeting to articulate official positions on theology. We had all of this useless and sensational speculation over why Fr. George Coyne stepped down as Director of the Vatican Observatory, and people on both sides of the controversy were blogging overtime about it and the Pope's meeting with his former students. Now, maybe everyone will take a sabbatical and enjoy the weekend. Looks like the weather will be fine in the mountains here.

I am glad that BXVI got an update on evolutionary theory from one of his boys.

Bob Schneider
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  From tomorrow's Science journal:

  Vatican Policy: Not Evolving

  Don't look for a big change any time soon in the Catholic Church's views on evolution. Although supporters of evolution had feared that the Pope would embrace so-called intelligent design, Pope Benedict XVI gave no sign at a gathering last week as to how he thought the topic should be taught.
  The pope said little during the meeting, which included his former theology Ph.D. students and a small group of experts near Rome. Peter Schuster, a chemist at the University of Vienna and president of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, attended the meeting and gave a lecture on evolutionary theory. "The pope … listened to my talk very carefully and asked very good questions at the end," he says. And the Church's most outspoken proponent of intelligent design, Cardinal Schönborn, seemed to distance himself from the theory.

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