Re: [asa] YEC social dynamics

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Date: Thu Sep 07 2006 - 16:21:08 EDT

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Subject: Re: [asa] YEC social dynamics
> Unfortunately appeal to
> authority just won't work on YEC leadership. They are their own
> authority. But for rank-and-file church members who have been misled
> by them, good teaching from the pulpit and those in authority is very
> effective.

Appeal to good science or good theology is also very unlikely to work on
them. But the basic distinction you make here is important. There is
little hope of ever changing the minds of the YEC cadres & it's a waste of
time to try to. They should be refuted as bluntly as possible whenever

Rank & file Christians who accept YEC pretty much because they've been told
that that's part of Christianity are another matter. There minds can be
changed if they're approached in the proper way (& here being gentle, polite
&c is especially necessary). In doing that, discrediting YEC leaders is
appropriate as long as it addresses their errors & (when it applies) their
outright frauds, but doesn't become ad hominem.



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