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> To make a long story short he acknowledged that the earth is!
> billions of years old and argued for a local flood. By the en!
> d of thi
> s series about a dozen former middle aged YECs quickly and painlessly
> became old-earthers just because their beloved Sunday School teacher
> told them to. Authority is very powerful. Unfortunately appeal to
> authority just won't work on YEC leadership. They are their own
> authority. But for rank-and-file church members who have been misled
> by them, good teaching from the pulpit and those in authority is very
> effective.

This also goes along with what Bill said about gaining
trust. If, by Grace, our faith really shines through,
we can at least ease their fears and help them realize
that this "Darwinism" is not the big deal that it has been
played up to be. That has been my experience.

At least as long as you are a member, and particularly if
you serve in an important role within the church, it seems
you have some say when these matters go out of control.
If you pick up and march out, then certainly this current
distortion will continue.

The greatest concern I have, is as Dick so bluntly put it,
"many quite confidently go to hell thinking that Christianity
is nonsense". Had God not somehow caught me in his net,
I would probably still be hurling "stones" (abusive words
and ridicule) at Christians.

by Grace we proceed,

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