Re: [asa] What causes students to move from faith?

From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Thu Sep 07 2006 - 14:10:04 EDT

At 01:09 PM 9/7/2006, Roger Olson wrote:

>The pastor dude whose ministry is featured on this website:
> claimed in a post on Theologyweb
>(his screen name is "SixLiteralDays" -- blecch) that he has brought
>people to Christ (or seen brought) based on YEC
>apologetics. Whether their salvation "takes" and they develop a
>reasoned faith based on spiritual truth not YEC lies and propaganda
>or they were never "saved" in the first place (I don't want to get
>into a "no true scotsman" deal here), can't you see this as a
>dangerous tack? .." ~

@ Yes, it's a dangerous tack --- especially for the "teacher".

No man has all truth, and all are tempted to make Scripture fit their
personal biases and pet theories. However, greater is the
condemnation upon those who teach if they lead others astray, even in
the name of righteousness (James 3:1). Many desire to be teachers,
"but they do not know what they are talking about or what they so
confidently affirm: (I Timothy 1:7 NIV). This is why Jesus commended
the Ephesian Church for trying the words of those who call themselves
apostles (Revelation 2:2).

>The point is if they were fed a pack of lies (whether or not pastor
>realizes this!). The putative conversion was based on false
>pretences. Of course the Father and Holy Spirit can do as they
>please, but this YEC-for-evangelizing is scary ground. Lieing for
>Jesus is not acceptable behavior. Of course YEC is not the only way
>this is done.

@ Agreed. It's not acceptable behavior to deliberately "lie for
Jesus", and of course, the YEC argument isn't the "only" way it's done.

The teachers receive the greater condemnation because, even though
they aren't able to take Christ's sheep (who know his voice and
follow him), out of his hand, they ARE able to hinder the spiritual
progress of the spiritual babes, especially, and that can have a
negative impact on them in the here and now and on the reward they
will eventually receive after death.

That's what that "mill-stone" warning is all about.

~ Janice

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