Re: [asa] What causes students to move from faith?

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Thu Sep 07 2006 - 11:43:14 EDT

Returning to the original question of the thread, I have encountered greater
hostility to faith in the humanities than in the sciences. Then there are
the exracurricular temptations that arise mainly from people being out on
their own unsupervised, though the universities' disavowal of any
responsibility for the personal conduct of students partially reflects an
abandonment of traditional values as well as the practical difficulties of
supervision and probably some unrealistic assumptions about the inherent
goodness of humans.

On the distinction between historical and experimental sciences, while it is
true that the differences are too gradational to be able to dismiss the one
and accept the other, it is perhaps more important in the context of
Christian anti-evolutionism to point out the vital importance to
Christianity of the reliability of historical investigation and historical

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