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It was good to meet face to face at Calvin this summer.

I agree with your suggestions for gaining the trust needed to dialogue
on Old Earth issues. Especially

> 2. Seek out the recent college grads in your
> congregation and let them know they're not alone if=20
> they accept evolution and/or an old earth.

At our fairly conservative Christian high school, we have our seniors
deliver a persuasive speech on a topic they select from a huge list
including "Is theistic evolution a possible position for a Christian to
hold?" Of course, most of the faculty, board and administration would
say a resounding "NO." In three of the last four years, students who
chose that topic defended the YES side. I worked with two of the three,
but it is important to note that they came in with the firm conviction
that the correct response was "YES." Not that TE was the best position,
but a person's spiritual position was not determined by their opinion.
I helped them research their position, and the opposite too.

I conclude that although most of their teachers hammer one position, the
students actually sense some of the subtleties and are more likely to be
"includers" rather than "excluders". I can only imagine the discussion
that may go on about what can be done to plug these intellectual leaks.
I am proud of the kids in that they would like to think these things
through rather than adopt one answer.

As a school, we really do seek to encourage just such an attitude of
careful thought, but sometimes the fruit might just surprise us.

Al McCarrick

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