Re: [asa] dialog with YEC brethern

From: James Mahaffy <>
Date: Wed Sep 06 2006 - 15:35:09 EDT

> I'm tired of the fearful tolerance of stupidity from some of the
> participants. Merv spoke of there being few YEC (save Vernon) who
> taste the sting of our retorts. It doesn't matter. YEC is a
> lie and should not be appeased.

So was the life of the Samaritan lady.

> The main purpose of the ASA is to have dialog on a reasoned faith.
YEC is
> not a reasoned faith, but rather a ginned-up rhetoric machine by
> "professionals" who are so weak in their faith that they feel they
> lead the naive laypeople astray.

Lets not put up straw men. Are Sproul (if I read Ted right),or was
Francis Schaeffer men weak in their faith.

Come on. We can and should defend what we believe is the right
position and do it with vigor but not by making up straw men or fighting
with caustic words. That does not lead to dialog. But then Ian said it
much better than I can. It is VERY sad that this is a list he WOULD not
recommend to a questioning YEC brother.

> I know I'm a grumpy old man, and I apologize in advance. But, I'm
sick to
> the gills of evangelical academicians tip-toeing around the obvious.

> Heaven forbid we'd entertain the thought of offending anyone! How
> un-Christlike!

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