Re: [asa] YEC social dynamics

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Date: Wed Sep 06 2006 - 12:49:30 EDT

Quoting David Opderbeck <>:

> It strikes me that one role ASA-type folks could play is to get stories like
> the one Don relates below better known. Stories of real people, real
> Christians, who at one time accepted YEC, but who have grown into other
> views, while retaining a robust faith.

We could also show YECs the ways in which they have already become comfortable
with a "dual level" understanding of reality and completely within their own
view of Scriptural integrity. E.g. Christians have tended to get excited about
discoveries independent of Scriptures (like how some of the plagues of Egypt may
have occurred) and they don't at all think of these possible natural
explanations as refuting the "God-directed" understanding. Rather they
celebrate it as confirmation of the Biblical account. So they already have a
basis for thinking that natural understandings can be complementary and not
contrary with higher Scriptural understandings.


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