Re: [asa] dialog with YEC brethern

From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Wed Sep 06 2006 - 02:17:38 EDT

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> Well, what are we gonna do, Merv? Just be patient while the rhetoric
> machines of AiG, ICR,, grind out their screed to
> the naive layperson? What about the poor ignorant slob who's led to
> Christ under the false pretext of some despicable representative of a YEC
> "ministry" who proffers YEC propaganda as "proof" of the veracity of
> Christianity? What happens when this poor slob studies some science and
> realizes that YEC is cobblers? Uh oh! There goes the faith! Yes, we
> should all be more tolerant of our fellow Christians. Isn't it time we
> *stand* for something?

Absolutely right that we should stand for something. I wholeheartedly
agree. But absolutely not by charing in with words like "crap" etc.
Perhaps it's a good job there are so few YEC's on the list, because such
language merely serves to entrench wrong beliefs. I know this because when
for a while I was mistakenly persuaded that YEC was the right way, I
responded in this way when disparaging things were said on this list, along
the lines of "I don't care what they say, I'm going to believe the BIBLE".

As a matter of interest, I am engaging in dialog with a (recently converted)
YEC brother. He was a Christian long before that, but now has swallowed
completely all the stuff from AiG. I am patiently trying to answer all his
questions and demonstrate through reasoned argument, together with
references to relevant web-sites, why AiG can't be trusted. I've asked him
to say if ever he thinks I'm getting too bolshie, and he appreciates that.
He has already taken on board my examples concerned with Astronomy & I am
now attempting to answer his questions on geology, radio dating, dinosaur
soft tissue etc.

Whether I shall have any success (having caught the disease in the early
stages) I don't know, but sure as anything, I'm not going to make any
progress by telling him that these new ideas that mean so much to him are a
load of crap.

I had considered tentatively inviting him to join the ASA list to get
answers to his questions. However, Roger, after your apparent insistence
that calling it "crap" is perfectly acceptable, I certainly won't be doing
so. I prefer to take my stand in a more polite way.


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