Re: [asa] dialog with YEC brethern

From: Merv <>
Date: Tue Sep 05 2006 - 23:07:55 EDT

Roger G. Olson wrote:
> This is very depressing. We all get so very sanctimonious on this list.
> However, sometimes a blunt statement is necessary. YEC is crap. And it's
> dangerous, despicable, potentially faith-ending crap. Pussy-footing
> around it doesn't help. It's not helpful to refer to it as "this sort of
> science", since it's not "science" at all.
> I'm tired of the fearful tolerance of stupidity from some of the Listserve
> participants. Merv spoke of there being few YEC (save Vernon) who will
> taste the sting of our retorts. It doesn't matter. YEC is a despicable
> lie and should not be appeased.
> The main purpose of the ASA is to have dialog on a reasoned faith. YEC is
> not a reasoned faith, but rather a ginned-up rhetoric machine by those
> "professionals" who are so weak in their faith that they feel they must
> lead the naive laypeople astray.
> I know I'm a grumpy old man, and I apologize in advance. But, I'm sick to
> the gills of evangelical academicians tip-toeing around the obvious.
> Heaven forbid we'd entertain the thought of offending anyone! How
> un-Christlike!
Mount up the cavalry! When do we charge? Okay -- I admit (and this
is partly in shame -- & I'm not being sarcastic about that) that I am
one of these "pussy-footing" fools who probably cares more than he
should about avoiding conflict and keeping the peace as much as
possible. And you are right that Jesus didn't seem to mind calling it
like it was to the faces of anyone who cared to listen -- even those he
knew would prove dangerous enemies.

So why are the cannons getting set off before the enemy is even within
firing distance? The swords are sharpened -- now we have to work on
the "to their faces" part. So should we march into church this Sunday
with the heavy artillery? -- "you've turned my Father's house into a
house of mistaken science and theology!" -- overturn the pulpit as you
shout... I know this is a rhetorical scenario and that it just
'ain't gonna happen' because for better or worse, too many are just like
me. We are a little heavier on Ephesians 4:2,3 "Make every effort to
keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace..." than we are
on Luke 12:51 "Do you think I came to bring peace? .... no -- but
division..." I really do admire (even if I don't always agree with)
people like Dick Fisher or yourself who always seem ready to charge.
It is folks with those attitudes that tend to get things done never mind
the casualties. Or at least show some alarm about the casualties
mounting if we do nothing.

Yet my stronger cautionary & reflective self hangs back and wants to opt
for patience and perseverance which you probably see as a lack of
courage. Perhaps so -- but in any case I do admire those who take a
good cause and courageously run with it come what may. Great leaders
were probably never the ones who spent much time trying to "keep the
peace", and their notability (or notoriety), for those who chase that,
will long outlive that of the quiet and cautious. If the go-getters
are impatient for action, then if it be from God I'm sure the necessary
following will be forthcoming. But the quiet laborers in the
background may also contribute with their own gentle arts in ways that
I'm still convinced will be seen as good work in the day or reckoning.
Romans 12:6 and following says we have different gifts according to the
grace given us. If a man's gift is prophesying, let him use it in
proportion to his faith. If serving, let him serve; if teaching ...
Perhaps the list could be extended ... if your gift is cleansing the
temple with whips -- do it with gusto ... if pussy-footing around
rebuilding among the ruins then glory in your gentleness. I'll bet
there is room for us all. I'm glad you grumpy ones are around.
You're sorely needed if not always appreciated.


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