[asa] dialog with YEC brethern

From: James Mahaffy <Mahaffy@dordt.edu>
Date: Tue Sep 05 2006 - 18:44:45 EDT

Carol or John Burgeson <burgytwo@juno.com>
Date: Mon Sep 04 2006 - 11:47:18 EDT

>I think the argument they present, in the context of their worldview,
>fairly persuasive. Certainly it appears they believe it. So "shame"
>not involved unless you posit that they are being deliberately
>untruthful. From my discussions with Morris and Gish and Ham back in
>that does not appear to be the case. They really do believe this crap.

The last sentence just came out and struck me as not the way to
communicate with our evangelical YEC brethren.
No one likes to be told that you think his/her core belief's are crap.
 And that won't get dialog started. Something like I am amazed that
they believe this sort of science would be less offensive.

But as I was writing in response to the last sentence I noticed that
John saw that their argument in terms of their worldview is "fairly
persuasive". Understanding their world view and what drives it will go
along way to enabling communication. The Christian laity (I am
persuaded) have reason to fear a science that teaches an origins that
does not allow for a Creator (at least in the science class) and which
they rightly see as very secularizing. Remember that is what they see
when Johnny comes home with a secular view of origins. Remember they
can't largely judge the science but they do see something that is
attacking their faith.

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