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Date: Tue Sep 05 2006 - 01:38:25 EDT

Randy wrote:

> One of the biggest hurdles I faced in turning away from YEC was coming to
> terms with whether such a large cross-section of the "spiritual" folks could
> be so mistaken and could perpetrate such a web of inaccuracies. As Burgy
> points out, "they really do believe it." And they believe it's a grand play
> in the "church" vs "the world" scenario. Scientific evidence and logic have
> little impact in such a worldview.

This certainly is the biggest hurdle. For example, the person's
integrity on other matters of life may be almost impeccable.
They pay their taxes, they're charitable, loyal to their family and friends,
a model citizen and community servant. Some creationist I know can
fit at least some of that well. Quite naturally, I certainly desire to
these qualities I see in them. So I can see why you would have found it
hard question their honesty?

Moreover, it is usually the case, and by a large margin I'm sure,
that you should listen to what your peers say (at least mature
peers). It is not just to satisfy them, it is generally to do
what is right. And you find, with plenty of experience, that
when you don't, you go wrong. And that experience of hard
knocks makes it even harder to accept that they are wrong.

However, I think there is a very important warning in all of
this. This is not just about creationists and creationism. I
reckon that this is a danger that we are all capable of falling
prey to. A fly in the ointment spoils
the whole perfume, and that fly seems largely what I seem to
call "vested interest". Our own "vested interests" can severely
blind us to our own sinfulness, and we could even be driven to
kill (and feel proud justification at doing so), when those "vested
interests" are challenged. It is not just about creationism, it
is the whole challenge of living a Godly life. It is everything about
life, and I suspect the hardest lesson we will ever have to learn.

I hardly have any idea how I can protect myself form that, but
only to take hope in the fact that God spoke to Elijah at the
mouth of the cave in a whisper. But heaven only knows if I
have ears to hear that quite whisper when the deafening pile
drives of temptation hammer at my own weakness.

Only when I survey the wondrous cross, can I begin to
remember just how far I am from hope without God's grace
and mercy to give me the courage I need in a time of temptation.
But I often forget to look up with all the noise around me. So,
I wonder, who am I, when I see such a tragedy walking in others?
I guess I just have to lift up my head, and like a tree
planted by the water, be still and don't be moved. Love
the truth, and be grateful that Grace has saved me that
I can acknowledge Christ, and just keep going on.

by Grace we proceed,

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