Re: [asa] The apostle warns of evolution

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Mon Sep 04 2006 - 16:10:41 EDT

The argument in II Pet.3 has to do with the delay of the parousia.
Many =
in the 1st generation of Christians thought the parousia to be
imminent =
and some, as we can see from I Thess.4, were disturbed by the fact
that =
some Christians had died before that happened. For those with such an =
expectation, the death of the whole apostolic generation would of
course =
raise doubts about the truth of the Christian message. Thus in
context =
"fathers" most naturally refers to the apostles & perhaps other =
prominent early Christians.

This is only one indication of the relative lateness of II Peter but
is =
supportive of that. Among other things, the fact that the letters of =
Paul are referred to as among the "scriptures" (3:16) - the only place =
in the NT where this terms is used in reference to NT writings - is =
another indication.

I don't consider Holding much of an authority. (In a thread on Tweb =
just today I had another dubious argument of his presented to me.)
Most =
of his swans are geese.


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