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From: Terry M. Gray <grayt@lamar.colostate.edu>
Date: Mon Sep 04 2006 - 11:35:43 EDT

Hi everyone,

May I make a suggestion here. The topics of advertising, local
sections, etc. are of great interest and according to the report that
Randy made at the annual meeting are among many things being
discussed at the council level. The council plans to follow-up some
of the discussion from the annual meeting with a on-line forum-based
discussion involving the full membership. Many of the ideas being
discussed currently on the asa-web list would be very appropriate
there and would get wider readership and more focused reception
there. These forums should go live shortly. I urge you all to repost
there some of the things that you have written here in the last few


On Sep 4, 2006, at 7:19 AM, David Opderbeck wrote:

> I want to second Johnny's recommendations of First Things and Books
> and Culture. Both are top-rate publications, widely read by
> literate evangelicals (and others), and since they're not glossy
> mags, I'm guessing you can get decent rates for a small box ad.
> On personal cultivation and the Christian colleges -- how about
> student membership sections? Really this could include Christians
> at secular schools as well. Student members get lower dues, the
> national organization recognizes them as official sections, they
> get access to some educational resources, we give them contact info
> for visitors / speakers, etc. The Christian Legal Society does
> this, to great effect.
> On 9/3/06, Craig Rusbult <craig@chem.wisc.edu> wrote: Jack says,
> >Bill's thought about using "all venues" to build membership is
> important.
> >... However, we should proceed out of a knowledge of what
> attracts and
> >keeps people in the type of organization we want to be. Over the
> years
> >personal cultivation of members,...
> Yes.
> One opportunity for "personal cultivation" is students in Christian
> colleges. (and also in secular colleges like UW)
> Bill shared a personal story -- "I was either ready to commit my
> life
> to Christ or just had when I remarked,... " (I'm glad you weren't
> dissuaded
> by the response, Bill) -- and then says:
> >One audience we need to reach is recent graduates. We need to let
> them
> >know that there is a source of Christian fellowship that holds
> >conventional views of science, and we need to provide support to
> them.
> Yes, but maybe the best time to first reach them is while
> they're still
> students.
> Three weeks ago I said,
> > At the meeting, Loren Haarsma suggested non-web ways to
> increase this
> >[people using our website and learning about ASA] by networking with
> >instructors and librarians (and others) to show them how using
> specific
> >parts of the ASA website might be useful for them and their
> students or
> >patrons.
> >.....
> > Maybe we can plan a networking campaign for October or
> November, when
> >we've had time to improve the website and decide which resources
> are most
> >worth recommending, and when profs are less busy than early in the
> >semester, and are planning their courses (with resources &
> syllabus) for
> >the next semester.
> This would be cost-free (although it would require time to do some
> creative, careful thinking) and it might be very effective.
> Decisions (should we do it?) and details (if we do it, how?) can be
> worked out later, although November isn't that far away. But it
> seems that
> any plan would be MUCH more effective if we have a way to directly
> communicate with members -- and anyone else who wants to sign on,
> such as
> campus staff workers for InterVarsity, Navigators, Campus
> Crusade,... --
> with a monthly email-newsletter. When I heard about this e-
> newsletter in
> early 2004, I thought "what a great idea!" Evidently there are
> technical
> problems, but can these be overcome? Could we (and should we) do an
> e-newsletter? And a campaign to help instructors and librarians
> understand how ASA can be useful for them?
> Craig
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