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@ Correction: "The concensus among historians and archeologists who are
biased in a certain direction is that.."
That's an accusation... not a fact.

As for bias...

The Most Miserable People in the World
by Colin Smith
Text: 1 Corinthians 15:12-28
Topic: What life would be like without the Resurrection
Big Idea: The reality of Christ’s resurrection means everything.
Keywords: Belief; Easter; Resurrection of Christ; Faith; Suffering; Salvation

I have two groups of people standing here with me:
- The people on my right believe Christ rose from the dead and have committed
to follow him. A few of them will now introduce themselves and explain their
- The people on my left have a bad view of religion and have difficulty
putting their faith in Christ. Now some of these people will share their situations
with us.
If Christ has not risen from the dead, our faith would be futile.
Illustration: When testing, drug companies find that people who secretly
receive a dummy drug imagine they feel better, because the mind is so powerful. If
Christ has not risen, Christians are like these people; their faith has no
If Christ has not risen from the dead, we would still be in sin.
The most important question to ask of a religion is, “How does it deal with
my sins?”
- Illustration: When Smith sees spiritual teachers on Oprah, he asks this
question of the philosophies they tout, and most of them claim sin is not an
issue. This is an indicator that the faith is diametrically opposed to
If Christ has not risen from the dead, we would be holding onto false hope.
Illustration: Smith once ministered to a woman who clung to the hope her
husband was still alive after Hutu militia in Rwanda had slaughtered people. When
it was confirmed that her husband was dead, the loss combined with her false
hope devastated her.

That'a one of the most biased pieces I've ever read. He's created two warring
camps here.

I gave you books to read. If you don't want to read the books, fine, but
don't accuse me of bias and then provide snips from a guy who has one of the most
unequivocally biased positions I've ever read.
Smith does not even include me in his categories. I have an objective view of
religion and have no difficulty putting my faith in Christ.
Where am I above?

rich faussette

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