Re: [asa] The apostle warns of evolution

From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Mon Sep 04 2006 - 08:06:13 EDT

There is the famous joke about the vicar whose sermon notes bore a margin
annotation AWSL. On being asked what this meant, he said "Argument Weak
Shout Louder".

I think when you see statements "It is obvious ..." then you are seeing a
prime example of this phenomenon. My maths teacher told me to avoid
over-use of the word "Clearly ..." in a proof ...


On 9/4/06, Bill Hamilton <> wrote:
> AIG writes
> > An excellent example to illustrate this can be found when you
> visit
> > the Grand Canyon. The park rangers will tell you that the layers
> of
> > rock in the Canyon are the result of slow processes that have been
> > going on for millions of years.
> >
> > But the evidence from the rock layers fits with what the Bible
> tells
> > us concerning the judgment of the Flood. It is obvious these
> layers
> > were laid down catastrophically, not slowly. But evolutionists
> > deliberately choose to ignore the obvious—why? They have been
> blinded
> > by the god of this world and don't want to submit to the God of
> the
> > Bible!
> >
> To my admittedly untrained eye, the rock layers in the Grand Canyon look
> as
> though they had been deposited over great periods of time. If they had
> been
> deposited in the flood, I don't believe we would see the clear
> differentiation
> of successive layers that we see. How the creationists draw this
> conclusion is
> beyond me.
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