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> JDEP and some other approaches that impose later than traditional
> dates onto Biblical passages often involve assumptions about
> progressive social or religious evolution. Although such views were
> commonly presented as part of evolutionary biology at least into the
> 1930's and even today often claim to be supported by evolutionary
> biology ( e.g., claims of Marxists), in fact they are contrary to a
> current understanding of biological evolution. There's nothing
> about biological evolution that says that Israelites could not have
> had a particular theological view before 500 BC or that semi-nomadic
> people couldn't have a king, etc. - Dr. David Campbell
> .....The claim that Israelites "could not have had a particular
> theological view before 500 B.C." or that "semi-nomadic peoples
> couldn't have a king" is not coming from evolutionary biology. It is
> coming from ANE historians and Israeli archeologists. ..." ~ Rich
> Faussette

@ Knocks it out of the park:

A Critical Assessment of the Graf-Wellhausen Documentary
Hypothesis [JEDP] Colin Smith June, 2002

Huge snip:

"...One of the main reasons for dating the Mosaic Law to the fifth,
or even fourth, century B.C. is the evolutionary theory. That is,
religion was not advanced enough by this time to account for the high
moral and ethical standards exhibited in the Mosaic Law. As noted
previously, recent archaeological finds have given scholars reason to
question the validity of the evolutionary theory of religion. There
is evidence of "advanced" religious practices well into the time of
Moses, and even prior to that time. As for the high standards of the
Mosaic legislation, "The standards represented by the law codes of
the Babylonians, Assyrians, and Hittites... have effectively refuted
this assumption." ..." [snip]

"...The foregoing ought to be sufficient, though, to demonstrate that
the JEDP theory, or the Graf-Wellhausen documentary hypothesis, is of
no value for either the student or the scholar of the Old Testament.
So much energy has been employed by liberal critics in dividing up
the text of the Old Testament into alleged sources, that the
beautiful unity of the whole has been lost in the editing. In the
words of C. S. Lewis, "They claim to see fern-seed and can't see a
elephant ten yards away in broad daylight." ..."


~ Janice

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