Re: [asa] Anybody need $50,000?

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Fri Sep 01 2006 - 08:46:35 EDT

I have two comments on this one.

(1) In late June I received an email as follows (best viewed in HTML):

Become a Part of Liberty University’s Adjunct Faculty
Invitation to Apply
2006-2007 Academic Year

Dear Todd [sic] Davis,

Liberty University is seeking Adjunct faculty for the
2006-2007 academic year to teach online courses in
their Distance Learning Program. Adjuncts applying
to teach online undergraduate courses must possess
a Masters degree with a minimum of 18 graduate
hours in the discipline in which they wish to teach.
Adjuncts applying to teach on-line graduate courses
must possess a PhD, EdD (or equivalent) from an
accredited institution with the major area of
concentration in the subject they wish to teach.

Liberty University is a Christian liberal arts university
with nearly 15,000 students registered in online
courses across approximately 30 degree programs.
The University is seeking adjunct faculty who can
demonstrate a personal faith commitment to its
evangelical Christian purpose, possess the skills for
teaching on-line and are available to fill an
anticipated opening for on-line adjunct faculty
positions in the 2006-2007 academic year.

* Make a difference in the life of a young student
or professional

* Earn additional income teaching part-time without
interruption to your full-time career

* Network with other professionals in your field


(2) Commenting on this:
"We're so excited to partner with Liberty on the Challenge,"
commented Ken
Ham, AiG president and a popular speaker, writer and radio host.
public schools are saturated with evolutionary thinking and
immorality. By
showing youth the gaping holes in evolutionism and pointing to the
Bible, we
can help rescue this generation from doubt and purposelessness."

"He whose Faith never doubted, may justly doubt of His Faithe." --
Boyle, in his 21st year.

I knew there had to be some reason why creationists constantly hold
up as role model. Too bad they don't read him.


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