Re: [asa] Wells and traditional Christianity

From: Vernon Jenkins <>
Date: Wed Aug 30 2006 - 16:46:25 EDT

Hi, Ted,

Thank you for your informative post.=20

You speak of the "...various ways in which one might respond..." to
the =
paradox of a God of love who accomplishes His creative work by its =
antithesis, evolution, and have outlined the one that makes best sense =
for you. I have to say, mine would be a more Occam-directed approach - =
involving the ditching of Darwinism. After all, why should a mere
theory =
- now (thanks to Jonathan Wells) stripped of its time-worn 'proofs' - =
continue to hold its adherents in thrall? Can there be any real doubt =
that this doctrine is the sworn enemy of Christians, the Judeo-
Christian =
Scriptures, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ? It is surely time that TEs =
jettisoned the whole sorry enterprise and sought a better, Bible-
based, =
interpretation of _all_ the data which have a bearing on origins.


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