Re: [asa] The apostle warns of evolution

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Sun Sep 03 2006 - 13:01:21 EDT

No, actually anti-evolutionists "teach this" when they present a static view
of creation.

Maybe a bit of stretch but certainly no more than AiG's silliness.


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From that paragon of rational thinking, AIG, come this admonition
this week:

Q: Did the Apostle Peter warn about evolution?

A: Most of us think that evolution was an idea started by Darwin
around 150 years ago. So how could Peter have warned us about
evolution nearly 2,000 years ago?

Well, first of all, Darwin didn't come up with the idea of evolution-
he just popularized a particular version of it.

In 2 Peter 3, Peter warns us that in the last days, "scoffers" will
come, saying that all things continue as they did from the beginning
of creation. Evolutionists teach this when they say that the
processes of nature have virtually been the same from the supposed
beginning billions of years ago.

An excellent example to illustrate this can be found when you visit
the Grand Canyon. The park rangers will tell you that the layers of
rock in the Canyon are the result of slow processes that have been
going on for millions of years.

But the evidence from the rock layers fits with what the Bible tells
us concerning the judgment of the Flood. It is obvious these layers
were laid down catastrophically, not slowly. But evolutionists
deliberately choose to ignore the obvious-why? They have been blinded
by the god of this world and don't want to submit to the God of the


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