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"...One of the main reasons for dating the Mosaic Law to the fifth, or even
fourth, century B.C. is the evolutionary theory. That is, religion was not
advanced enough by this time to account for the high moral and ethical standards
exhibited in the Mosaic Law.
I always include references to scholars when I make significant statements. I
provide title and page. Notice the text above. This text cites no scholars,
we do not know where he gets this idea (one of the main reasons...?) or how he
justifies his assumption that "religion was not advanced enough" (what does
this mean?).

Here is another snip from Colin Smith's piece from the url you provided:

"Origen, and others of the Alexandrian tradition, favored an approach to Old
Testament theology that saw the entire work as an allegory--beneath any Old
Testament text there could be found, if one looked hard enough, an allegorical
reference to a New Testament event or person. While such a Christocentric view
of the Old Testament is certainly laudable, this approach did not show respect
for the fact that the books of the Old Covenant were written within a
historical context by historical figures."

The concensus among historians and archeologists is that there were no
patriarchs. Genesis is entirely allegorical so Origen is not wrong.
The books of the old covenant were not written within a historical context by
the historical figures we think wrote the texts. Scholars no longer believe a
version of the book of deuteronomy was "found" in the temple in the 7th
century. That is when it was written.

rich faussette

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