Re: [asa] Wells and traditional Christianity

From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Fri Sep 01 2006 - 03:38:25 EDT

On 8/31/06, Vernon Jenkins <> wrote:
> I have to say, mine would be a more Occam-directed approach - involving
> the ditching of Darwinism.


I'm afraid it's obvious that you don't understand Occam's razor ("entities
should not be multiplied beyond necessity") if you want to ditch Darwinism
(a single theory) in favour of God performing literally billions of miracles
at every point where you see a gap in the science that has yet to be
filled. I haven't seen a single bit of "Creation Science" that doesn't
involve a miracle getting invoked somewhere to patch up the holes. For
example, I understand that the RATE project is proposing a massive
acceleration of the rate of radioactive decay during the flood, to account
for the long radioactive dates. How did this acceleration happen? No
explanation, so it must have been a miracle, one that doesn't even get
mentioned in the bible. And how was it that Noah and all the animals didn't
get killed with the massive burst of billions of years worth of radiation
compressed into a year? Another miracle I suppose, and again not one
mentioned in the Bible.

Instead of multiplying hidden, non-biblical miracles like this, I propose a
simpler solution, involving just one BIG miracle. God created the universe
and the properties of matter in exactly the manner required for all this
life to happen. Now that is truly a big miracle - an amazing design.
Furthermore this _is_ one that we read about in the Bible, in Gen Ch 1 in
fact, where God says "Let the earth produce ....". This also means that the
short timescale is just plain WRONG. It doesn't mean the Bible is wrong,
however, just that you can't interpret it the way you want to. The early
chapters of Genesis tell us something much more interesting about our own
spiritual state than any literal interpretation can.


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