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This is for Rich Faussette, who said something like 'don't forget the
possibility that Adam is an allegory'. Everyone wants their flavor mentioned but that
view is included in the Genesis only teaches theology.
Now to Dick
It's not a flavor, Glenn. Genesis is a string of allegories and they teach a
human family the rules of survival. That's why Praeger published the
evolutionary psychologist Kevin MacDonald's trilogy on Judaism as an evolutionary
strategy. That's why Finkelstein (archeologist) says it is myth. That's why
Liverani (ane studies) says it is myth.
It is not just myth. It is deliberate allegory and the allegories are perfect
and powerful and filled with truths on the rules of survival, but you won't
be exposed to them until you look under the allegories.
The rules work. They reveal why Jews are still around after 2,500 years and
why they prosper, but why learn how to survive and prosper when you can argue

Genesis does not only teach theology. It teaches psychology, anthropology and
ecology. Everything about humans.

But thanks anyway for throwing me the bone.

rich faussette
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