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This is for Rich Faussette, who said something like 'don't forget the possibility that Adam is an allegory'. Everyone wants their flavor mentioned but that view is included in the Genesis only teaches theology.

Now to Dick

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[excellent argument about Terah snipped for brevity]


Dick, you ignore that there are genealogies which have a guy begat another guy yet in another part of the scripture we find out that their real relation is grandfather-grandson. I am still in Boston, flying tomorrow to where my data and computer are where I can dig out the example.  If we didn't have that other comparative scripture, there would be no hint of extra generations.


>>>>How can one be critical of YECs and then resort to the same methods they use?


IR17;m sorry, my good friend.  Iím responding to Don, but Iím talking to Glenn.  I canít make this any clearer.  If you donít see it, you just donít see it.  I tried.<<<<


I don't know, maybe you can tell us. Your argument for no gaps is one that a YEC would admire. :-) 


Dick, people often accuse me of acting like a YEC. At this point I have accepted the validity of the atheist approach, which has one subtle difference from the YEC camp. Atheists say the Bible should tell us the truth about history. Atheists then conclude it doesn't and then chuck the whole religion thing. They are logical. The YECs also want it to be true, but they believe it even though no data supports their position. They are illogical. But, I appreciate your trying. Shoot, Dick, you are my favorite opponent in these debates.


>>>LetR17;s talk about Boston or something else.  Finding any oil in Boston Harbor these days? <<<


Only the oil from tea leaves. 

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