Quantum computing: (was Re: Washington Post Magazine article on ID)

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Date: Tue Feb 28 2006 - 18:59:47 EST

Phil Metzger wrote:

> One might reply that most of the information content "per atom" could be of
> a cardinality greater than the integers, and that the rich information
> usefulness "per atom" has never been tapped prior to quantum computing. Hence
> there is no reason to assume that this computation is taking place anywhere
> other than within this universe, within the information-rich Hilbert space of the
> wavefunctions themselves.

This is a more the product of a "collective" effect, but this reminds
me of such matters in solid state physics like the fractional Hall effect.
So even within a familiar system of fermions, fractional wave numbers
are at least possible (although rather forced). That had led to the idea
of anyons. I'm reluctant to go far with that, but it is a sign of some of
the unexpected richness of wave functions.

Particularly in fundamental and forefront research, I've learned well
that it is most certainly "by Grace alone we proceed",
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