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Date: Tue Feb 28 2006 - 11:11:40 EST

Glenn wrote, in part: "> Why did Neanderthals go 1/4 mile into a dark
cave, build a square structure of some sort and burn a bear? Seems like
it would be easier to barbecue the fellow on the surface in the light.
Religious reasons seem likely. Why do we find primitive female idols
from Tan-Tan Morocco, dated 400,000 years ago and from Berekhat Ram in
Israel, from at least 235,000 years ago and call these things the actions
of non-humans?"

Speaking just for myself, I find Glenn's compilation of data most
impressive. I use Glenn's data (some of it) in teaching SS classes. See
my web site for how these play out.

He goes on:

"Are the ASA members even interested in upholding the findings of modern
sciences like anthropology, or are they, like the YECs, eager to avoid
them or relegate obvious human activity to mere animal-creature-humans? I
actually think the general ASA member is as eager to avoid such questions
as YECs are eager to avoid issues of geology because such issues strike
at the heart of the accepted apologetic."

I think not, But the "average ASA member" is probably trying to juggle a
career and a family and has not all that much time to delve deeply into
the issues. It has only since my retirement, and my youngest leaving the
nest, that I've had that time. I commend Glenn's site for lots of good
stuff. He and I disagree on some INTERPRETATIONS of the data. But data
is data.

Glenn continues: "I think asking questions is what we actually need to

Right on!

Burgy (Review of Eugenie Scott's EVOLUTION AND

Note that another review (excellrnt, IMHO) appeared on this book in PSCF
this month.

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