My article "Intelligent Design on Trial"

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Tue Feb 28 2006 - 10:43:36 EST

I now have available a pdf of my article, "Intelligent Design on Trial," at
the following URL:

I'll alert readers to the fact that this journal is aimed at journalists; I
was expected to focus some attention on news coverage of the trial, which
took space from things I otherwise might have said. Although several cuts
had to be made, this is still (so I am told) the longest article that
magazine has ever published, which I assume reflects the extraordinary
interest in this topic. Magazines quite fairly have editorial policies, of
course, and one cannot always say everything that one would wish to say in a
given place. Thus my views on the First Amendment (or more accurately on
how the Supreme Court has (mis)interpreted that amendment for the past
couple of generations) are not found in this article. That's a very
important omission that should be kept in mind, when evaluating my views:
there is more to say about this issue, and this represents only a fraction
of the things I can and would say if space and place allowed it.

Happy reading.

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