Re: Genealogical Gaps?

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Date: Tue Feb 28 2006 - 01:46:58 EST


Doesn't the MHC data rule out any single individual (or pair)
bottleneck--including your very ancient Adam? As I understand it some
of the polymorphisms go back to chimps.


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> GRM:Secondly, one should strive to match the facts of the genome.
> It has been known since the late 90s that the nuclear genome had
> more diversity than could fit into an out of Africa replacement.
> Like it or not, Adam and Eve have been interpreted for centuries as
> the first man and woman on earth and that all peoples are descended
> from them (the table of nations). Once again, if we believe that
> listening to the Biblical account is of any importance
> whatsoever, ,then one has to figure out how to explain the length
> of time it would take a genetic system to accumulate those
> mutations. Of course, if listening to the Biblical account isn't
> important, then by all means one should reject it and make up
> whatever story one wants to avoid having to put Adam back so far.
> BTW, I keep going back to the MHC complex which has huge quantities
> of genetic variation and would be hard to fit into the human race
> of only 100,000 years old.

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