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Hi Glenn, you wrote:
Dick, Given this answer, I have to ask. Why is it do you think, that we
never have found skeletons showing evidence of such antiquity? Gravity
and growth gradually change the skeleton, as well as bones get broken
and even one bone every 20 years, we should end up with someone quite
scarred in their skeleton. Any ideas?
Abraham's bones are in the tomb of the patriarchs. Dig them up and
check him out.
Look, Glenn, Genesis says Noah lived 500 years and begat three sons.
Okay, so we say that isn't possible he must have been younger than that.
Fine, make him younger. Then the flood came 100 years later. Too long
we say. So we shorten that up. Next, he lived 350 years after the
flood. Again, too long so we shorten that up. Let's just divide
through by a factor of ten and make Noah 95 when he died. That works.
Now Abraham lived to 175. Too long, so we divide that by ten and get
17.5. Oops! That's too young. We have to choose a different factor to
get a reasonable age for Abraham. In other words, we would have to
decide how long is a reasonable age for each patriarch and just give him
that age disregarding whatever age Genesis reported.
But that isn't really what the issue is. What you want is missing
generations. By questioning their ages you are saying there must be
missing generations. A half dozen or so unnamed patriarchs would make
the average age a more reasonable number, perhaps. But you then have a
precedent for positing missing generations. If there are half a dozen
missing there may be several thousand, it's only a matter of degree.
Glenn, you might be able to sneak a swallow or two of the old man's
whisky without him noticing, but you can't just drink the whole bottle!
Furthermore, the Jewish scribes were far more careful than that. Up
until the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD the temple held the
genealogies of every Jew. It was public record. It might be possible
to miss a few names over the centuries when you consider periods of
bondage, wandering in the desert, wars, and so on. But omitting
thousands of generations? Uh, uh, somebody would notice.
Dick Fischer
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