Re: Judge Jones discusses his opinion in Kitzmiller v. Dover

From: Don Nield <>
Date: Mon Feb 27 2006 - 23:23:41 EST

David Opderbeck wrote:

> / Further, once the expert witnesses
> on both sides started talking about Intelligent Design, Judge Jones was
> obliged to listen to what they had to say. And having listened at length
> he was left with no sensible option other than to rule on the status
> of ID. /
> Sigh. No, he wasn't "obliged" to listen to anyone about anything.
> He's the Judge, he controlls the courtroom. Further, he wasn't
> obliged to rule one way or the other once the evidence was
> introduced. That's just not how courts work.

Am I to conclude that in the US legal system, a judge listening to all
that expert evidence *from both sides* was just wasting his time? And
the experts on both sides were also wasting their time? Do US judges
have no obligation to avoid the wastage of time? Can US judges make
completely arbitrary decisions about what happens in their courtrooms?
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