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WouldnR17;t R20;matching the biblical description” necessitate that we give weight to the setting of the Garden of Eden which includes the Euphrates River, the Hiddekel (Tigris) and the lands included.  Where would “AssyriaR21; have been 5 mya?  Assyria is named for Asshur, Noah’s grandson.  It has to be local to the Mesopotamian region.  How big an event was hurricane Katrina to you in Bejing at the time?  It would certainly have made a bigger impression had you been holding on to a light pole on Bourbon Street (as I have done, but not recently I might add).<<<<

GRM: If I recall, Dick, you have a copy of Foundation.  I would suggest that you pull it out of the trash bin, blow the accumulated dust off of it and after you cease coughing from the dust cloud, look in the index.  I address that issue. Many have associated the Nile with the Pison and the Euphrates comes within miles of the Mediterranean coast Today.  But the uplift that now turns it back occurred during the Pleistocene, if I recall from memory correctly. It wasn't there in the Miocene. That means, the Euphrates, probably did spill into the Mediterranean in the Miocene as did the Nile. So, no, it doesn't have to be in today's Mesopotamia (remember, I do believe that God can inspire knowledge of something other than mere theology)

As to lightpoles on Bourbon Street, I have held onto many, but never during Mardi Gras.  The 10 years I worked as geophysical manager of the Gulf of Mexico, we had two lease sales per year in New Orleans.  The parties then were about as good as the Mardi Gras parties. But fortunately, I wasn't holding on to it for the same reason people recently have held onto them for.

>>>>>That, of course, is the mountain I have to climb.  But the flood has also been interpreted as a universal deluge wiping out all mankind and all animal life except for the ark passengers, and we both know that ain’t right.  So if one is going to appeal to traditional interpretation as any measure of reliability, then why wouldn’t such a person also cling to a global flood?

GRM: We all have our mountains.  As you point out, I think there is one living adherent to my views and he is getting older by the day now.  I think my views may go the way the views of the Shakers did--with the last one dying off, me. But as to the global flood, I don't hold it anymore because there is not one shred of evidence (there is that word again) to support it. All evidence is against it geologically speaking.


>>>There are no difficulties with genes with a Neolithic Adam if we understand Genesis as the literal history of the Jewish race and don’t take it as the literal history of the human race.<<<


GRM: But that gets me back into the worry about some people thinking they might be special if they are a descendant of the first man who was spiritual.

>>>The origins of the human race and its migration patterns I find interesting, but neither the OOA nor the MRH impacts this method of apology.  It remains somewhat bullet proof.  So let Wolpoff war with Johanson and Leakey and let the best argument win.<<<

GRM: So far, one side thinks they have won by merely studying 1/200,000ths of the human DNA.  That seems a bit odd to me.


>>>>IR17;ll consider that an endorsement.<<<<

GRM: Will you put it on your new back cover?  I am sure my 'endorsement' would sell lots and lots of  books for you.  The YECs all love me and will rush to buy it cause I endorsed it.  :-)

>>>>Ha!  At the present rate of acceptance it will be roughly 300 years before I’ll have any impact on Christian apologetics. <<<

GRM:Do you think somewhere in Christendom there is a place for OLD FAILED APOLOGISTS?  I might need some nice home to go to when I am all worn out.



>>>GRM:Yeah, I know, my health has been a bit on the bad side lately.  I tell myself constantly that I need to INHALE/EXHALE.  But it just won't happen.


Try breathing less fire.<<<

GRM:The Chinese word for life is 'shen huo' which means body fire. I am afraid to stop my daily fire-eating.

>>>HR17;mmm  Is the problem your understanding, or our depressingly low degree of comprehension?<<<<

GRM: The blame is mine for not thinking of a more sellable suggestion.


>>>It is apparently a fact of ancient genealogies.  Maybe you should read that and address that point.  Also, know that there are demonstrable gaps in the genealogies which are filled in at other places.  the Hebrew word 'ben' means son of. Jesus was Yeshua ben David, Son of David, but the two never met on earth.

 GRM: But you missed my question. Are you saying that between Abe and David, all the pretty young things had heart-throbs over 61 year old men?  That is what a literal genealogy requires. Do you accept that or not?  And if it is true, then darn, I am living in the wrong ages as I approach that age in a few years.

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