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This is for Bill and one more question for Dick

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ANd with the BIble I am always surprised on this list at how little faith is
placed in the ability of God to inspire anything factual about the earth or its
history. If he is such an incompetent at inspiration, how on earth can we know
he is inspiring the theology??? And after that one has to ask how we can be so
sure of the truth supposedly inspired by such a bumbling incompetent?

WEH: I don't think there is any shortage of faith in what God is capable of
doing. The question is over what He intended to communicate. Your objection
applies to you: Why in heavens name, if millions of years had passed between
Adam and Moses, couldn't God communicate that?

After my recent study of my own genealogy, I am beginning to think it is being communicated via the long lifespans of people.  And there is possibly nothing unfactual about it.  When my grandfather was 28, in a real sense, he sired me because he sired my father.  In a real sense he fathered anyone in his future lineage. Given the way that the Jews used the terms 'son of' this has to be the way they viewed  lineage.  Yeshua son of David--except for all those other guys in between them.

For Dick, If you are so certain of the inviolable nature of the genealogies, why don't you explain what I pointed out to John Tandy.  Between Abraham and David, the geezers were getting all the girls and having the average first child at age 61.  I have never known of a society where this was true.  Can you here and now say that you believe that?  After all, that is the implication of your position on the non-gap genealogies.  And between Abe and Noah, the average age was something above 100.  I know that most young 18-year-old girls would really be thrilled to marry a nonagenerian and if the guy is over 100 he is more of a heart-throb.

This is the question I would like you to answer.

Bill Hamilton
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