RE: Henry Morris

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Sun Feb 26 2006 - 22:33:41 EST

It's a bad way to finally discover the truth. May he rest in peace.
~Dick Fischer~
It was reported in church this morning that Henry Morris passed away.
He had had a minor stroke on Feb. 1 but didn't recover from it. I don't
have independent confirmation of it.
Henry was an ASA member for many years. He was an ASA Fellow at the
time of the 1963 annual meeting after which he and nine others founded
the Creation Research Society, having failed to persuade the ASA to
advocate the concepts behind "The Genesis Flood." He remained an ASA
member for about 10 years after that. I don't have more details on that
since many of the ASA records were lost in the 1979 fire. Do any of you
have more specific information?
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