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Date: Sun Feb 26 2006 - 21:23:06 EST

At 07:42 PM 2/26/2006, Randy Isaac wrote:
>It was reported in church this morning that
>Henry Morris passed away. He had had a minor
>stroke on Feb. 1 but didn't recover from it. I
>don't have independent confirmation of it.
>Henry was an ASA member for many years. He was
>an ASA Fellow at the time of the 1963 annual
>meeting after which he and nine others founded
>the Creation Research Society, having failed to
>persuade the ASA to advocate the concepts behind
>"The Genesis Flood." He remained an ASA member
>for about 10 years after that. I don't have
>more details on that since many of the ASA
>records were lost in the 1979 fire. Do any of
>you have more specific information?

### FYI

Dr. Henry Morris has died

February 25, 2006

Dr. Henry Morris, founder and president emeritus
of the Institute for Creation Research and the
“father” of the modern creationist movement
(especially with The Genesis Flood, which he
co-authored in the early 1960s) had in recent
days suffered a series of debilitating small
strokes, and passed into the presence of his
Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ, on Saturday evening (February 25).

Dr. Morris, 87, had been receiving care in a San
Diego area convalescent hospital. According to
his son, Dr. Henry Morris III (Executive Vice
President of the Institute for Creation
Research), the elder Dr. Morris “remained cogent
and alert up until the last few moments. My
brother John (President of ICR), my sister Mary,
and my sister Rebecca were with him just prior to his passing.”

In a note emailed late Saturday night to ICR
board members and friends of the family, Dr.
Morris III shared that “Dad has had a wonderfully
full life, much blessed by our Lord, and we are
rejoicing and celebrating his ‘well done’ now in the presence of his Lord.”

Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis–USA and
co-founder of Answers in Genesis–Australia, wrote to AiG leadership that
Dr. Morris is one of my heroes of the faith. He
is the man the Lord raised up as the father of
the modern creationist movement. The famous book
The Genesis Flood, co-authored by Dr. Morris and
Dr. Whitcomb, was the book the Lord used to
really launch the modern creationist movement
around the world. It was the first major creation
book I read, and had a special place, therefore,
in the beginnings of the creationist movement in
Australia. Our prayers are with the family.

Please pray for the family, the staff of the
Institute for Creation Research, and for all
those whose lives continue to be changed by the
many books and articles authored by this great
man of God during his long and productive life.

Please check our home page for any updated

~ Janice
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