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To The Point News

Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
Friday, 10 February 2006

On the heels of <>record freezing
weather in Europe, there was a story this week... about a
scientist predicting global cooling.

Russian astronomer Khabibulo Absudamatov expects a "decrease in the
flow of the Sun's radiation," over the next several years which will
lead to cooling, not continued warming of the planet.

While his prediction may be right, he is wrong about the cause. As
discussed in
<>Solar Warming
last September, it's not the sun's heat radiation causing a warmer
earth, it's the sun's magnetic activity.

In Solar Warming, we discussed the cost-free solution to global
warming: Let the world's airlines use high-sulfur jet fuel while
flying at cruise altitude.

The solution to global cooling is the mirror image of this: Have
international jetliners burn their fuel "rich" at altitude. Give them
a tax credit as an inducement.

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