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>>>I have been thinking about this some over the past few days.   I was thinking that the MRH could be an example of convergent evolution.  That is, the selection pressure on the archaic homo sapiens in Africa, Asia, and Europe, simultaneously selected for the same adaptation independantly in these areas.  I was speculating that the adaptation that evolved simultaneously could have been the ability to communicate.  Perhaps related to a structural change in the frontal lobes.<<<<
So why does the mental foramen, a small hole on the inside of your jaw evolve the horizontal oval form  only in Europe???? What possible evolutionary pressure exists in Europe for this kind of feature? Or shovel-shaped teeth in Asia when my non-shovel-shaped teeth seem to work fine eating scorpion, seaslug and other Asian delicacies? (see my note to Dick Fischer this morning.).
>>>>In some ways I have tried to come up with an argument that "the image of God" is our ability to communicate in abstract language.  I know animals display some language abilities, and archaic homo species had some language abilitiies.  But if there is anything that seperates modern homo sapiens from animals, and from archaic homo species, it seems to me, would be our sophisticated language.<<<<<
There is pretty good indirect evidence for language at least 100,000 years ago in a form spoken by modern humans.
>>>>>I was going to ask here if anyone else was familiar with a similar example of convergent evolution.  Has anyone ever documented that a single species (or a species and subspecies)  isolated by geography or some other means of reproductive isolation, has ever evolved in these seperate regions into the same new species simultaneously?   That would seem very unlikely.  However, if the strategy to survive is the same in each region, i.e. improved communication, I suspect that it could be convergent evolution in these seperate regions.<<<<<
People like to paint the multiregional theory with broad and incorrect brushes.  MRH says that all of humanity had enough gene flow to maintain it as a single evolving species.  Humanity didn't arise here and there independently. That was Carleton Coon's views but it is rejected by all MRH advocates I have spoken with  (including Milford Wolpoff) and others in print.
>>>>But then I thought that these seperate geographic regions are not completely isolated from each other and there is interbreeding.   So, it seems more likely that modern homo sapiens emerged out of africa soley, but there was interbreeding with the archaic homo species in these areas that accounts for the autosomal genetic findings.     The OOA would be wrong in the sense that the modern homo sapiens did not displace the archaic homo species without interbreeding, but mostly displaced them with some interbreeding.  If I had to choose between three geographic regions evolving into modern homo sapiens simultaneously and a modern homo sapiens emerging out of Africa but interbreeding with all of the other geographic regions, I would say that via Ockham's razor the latter is more likely.<<<<
But, a single evolving species doesn't have that problem.
>>>Whether or not OOA or MRH, or some combination of the two turns out to be the accepted mechanism of human origin, the recent data still disproves the RTB model, because the RTB model requires genetic isolation of the modern human from archaic homo species.  Templeton's latest data clearly refutes that. <<<
There really is only two options--total replacement or some interbreeding.  One can not partly interbreed with an individual in a fashion that leaves a genetic heritage.  I think the data does say that the modern humans nearly replaced the archaics by genetic swamping, but, the fact that they were not totally replaced raises all sorts of questions about the place of the archaics in our theological system. They made idols, they made altars, they built rafts to cross the ocean (Flores which required 8 ocean crossings from the mainland even at low sea levels during glacial times).
The Neanderthals invented fossil collecting, the 7-note diatonic musical scale, anoxic chemistry, coal mining, spelunking, the flued hearth,burial and shellfish exploitation. These people were not dumb and they were not animals.  see for a list of the inventions of the various hominids and references.

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