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Sure, Dick, there was a flood in Mesopotamia. Indeed, there seems, if my
memory serves, more than one, for flood deposits in different cities were
not simultaneous. There is still the problem of 8 people poling a
gigantic barge upstream. Additionally, I found a transportation map in an
atlas. Neither Tigris nor Euphrates, though long, was tagged as an inland
waterway. Ports are located on the Persian Gulf.

I take your claim that only the Adamic race, except for Noah and his 3
sons, perished as an indication that they were especially stupid, lacking
the good sense to run for the hills. Apparently at least many of the
other residents escaped, because there does not seem to be a great break
in the civilization. Don't tell me that Ashurbanipal had trouble reading
the pre-flood documents. There was a 2 millennium gap. It's not that long
back to King Alfred's or the Venerable Bede's writings, and I guarantee
you'll have a devil of a time reading them.

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Hi Dave:
By all means please feel free to add this argument to your personal list
of higher criticisms. But whatever may appear to be counter intuitive
doesn’t change some of the basics. There was a local flood born out by
the flood deposits found in the principle cities; Kish, Shurrupak, Uruk
(Erech), and Lagash, and the Sumerian King List, and the Mesopotamian
flood narratives including Genesis. Ashurbanipal (668-626 BC) who
compiled the library at Ninevah wrote: “I study stone inscriptions from
before the flood, which are obtuse, obscure and confused.”
So there was a flood. Let’s just agree on that. Otherwise, where did
the deposits come from? What the heck were all the Mesopotamian flood
accounts about? Why did the Sumerian King list mention a flood? What
flood was Ashurbanipal speaking about? What was Christ talking about
(Matt. 24:37-38, Luke 17:26-27)? What flood was the writer of Hebrews
referring to (Heb. 11:7)? What “ark” was Peter blathering about (1Pet.
3:20)? What “flood” (2Pet. 2:5)?
The scope was less than they taught us in Sunday school. All animal life
all across the globe didn’t perish. All men didn’t perish, only those
who were in the covenant line of descent. Oh, well. I can live with
that. What are you prepared to give up because you can’t reconcile all
the details with what may appear to be logical to you? The bits and
pieces may be hard to fathom. We can only guess at the causes.
Dick Fischer
~Dick Fischer~ Genesis Proclaimed Association
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Dick wrote, in response to Glenn:
Doesn't matter, you still have to expend a lot of energy pushing the
boats uphill against the current. 8 humans couldn't do that, and why
didn't they go east or west and get out of the flood in about a distance
of 5 miles? Noah sure was dumb to pole that boat several hundred miles
north when poling it only 2-3 miles east or west would have gotten him
out of the water sooner.
Boats are poled up the Tigris to this day. I don't know how far north
they go though. I'll try to find out.
This is irrelevant unless you ask how 8 people poled a vessel 150x50
cubits up the river. How large are the boats plying up river from
Baghdad? at the Turkish border? Also, you have to consider its draft. I'm
guessing that it would be 10 cubits when fully loaded. Of course, I am
not citing the Revised by Guess Version.
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