Small Victories

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Sat Feb 25 2006 - 13:41:31 EST

I'd like to share this because you all have become my extended family
over the years and because it has been mentioned on this list numerous
times how YECs are winning the battle for the hearts and minds of
Christians with their publicity juggernaut.
After the Dover verdict you may remember the remarks of Finn Laursen,
head of Christian Educators Association International (CEAI), which were
more of a lament, that were placed on this list. I belong to CEAI and
have emailed Finn a few times over the TE vs. ID issue. The past
president, Forrest Turpen, who I met in Florida two years ago, asked me
to write an article addressing the problem of why young Christian
students often suffer a crisis of faith when they get to higher levels
of education. Of course, we know why that happens!
The article I wrote and submitted languished over the months approved,
but never published. I asked Finn to check on the status of the
article. Nothing happened. Then Keith Miller told us of his
publication. (Miller, K.B., 2005, Countering public misconceptions about
the nature of evolutionary science, Georgia Journal of Science, v.63,
p.175-189). Pim gave us the web address:
I forwarded Keith's paper to Finn and suggested that he query Keith for
a similar article for Teachers of Vision magazine which is the
publication for CEAI. Yesterday I received a request from the editor to
send them a picture that day so they could get my article in the Spring
So you never know what's going to work. I believe that Keith's article
in the right hands paved the way for my article that may pave the way
for others and open up new opportunities to witness. All we can do is
stay active, stick together, tell the truth, and hope it will have an
impact. And if we write, write. When we read good articles, the ASA
web site has many, we need to forward them around where they can do some
good. Not just to us. We're supposed to know some of this stuff by
Janice, for example, has taken heat for putting articles on our
listserv. Thank God for her and others of you who have kept the rest of
us knowledgeable and abreast of news that we would miss otherwise. ASA
is a great organization. We have good leadership and we can make a
Dick Fischer
~Dick Fischer~ Genesis Proclaimed Association
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