Re: mtDNA Eve and the determination of humanity

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Two observations:

1. You seem to take evidence of religion as evidence of humaness (I agree) and
also as evidence of descent from Adam (I question this)
2. A good part of your work has been aimed at creationists, who favor literal
interpretation. Some of them can accept that the genealogies can cover 100,000
years, but it strains credibility to stretch them out to millions of years. And
there is a viable alternative available: neolithic Adam.

grm: It all depends upon where the gaps are and their size.  Most genealogies seem to have bigger gaps the further back in time one goes. In my own genealogy there are people in the 4th century who are claimed to have lived 200 years.  That doesnt mean they werent real people it just means that the records are incomplete.


ANd with the BIble I am always surprised on this list at how little faith is placed in the ability of God to inspire anything factual about the earth or its history. If he is such an incompetent at inspiration, how on earth can we know he is inspiring the theology??? And after that one  has to ask how we can be so sure of the truth supposedly inspired by such a bumbling incompetent?

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